The complete, 3 phase framework for creating a business that reflects who you are, what you stand for, and makes a difference and a profit.

Are you ready to start your own business but just don’t know where to start or what to do?
Confused by all the contradictory information out there making it all so complicated?
Are you tired of investing time, effort and money in business strategies that for some reason, just don’t seem to work for you?


I’ve taken every thing I’ve learned over 20 years of delivering many successful creative projects (valued over $100m), managing large design practices and teams of dozens and hundreds of people, and funnelled it into this comprehensive, step-by-step framework that not only teaches you the ingredients for successful business and projects, but also how to apply them in a way that works for you.



You’ll learn the 3 Fundamental Success Phases and 7 Key Business Elements that apply to any and every business, including yours – but more importantly you’ll have a clear but broad path for you to follow and design your own business philosophies, strategies, systems and processes.

The end result - A simple framework that allows you to select the right business strategies to align with you, your strengths and personality, and combine them together to create a truly unique business.

IGNITE Evolved Business Program

will help you…


Show you a clear framework to start your own business

Your business starts with you. And in turn, the first phase of this program is designed to really go deep on discovering who you are, what you really want for your business and and therefore what it really looks like, not what it “should” look like. Be prepared to work on your self first. 

Simplify business down to universal, basic elements.

This program strips away the mystery of business to 7 simple elements. No matter how big or small a business, these elements apply, so you’ll never be stuck for understanding what’s missing or not working in your business ever again.

Identify the right business structure and strategies for YOU

Based on your initial work in understanding who you are and what works for you, you will have a set of fundamental criteria for understanding the strategies that you will apply to each of the 7 Business Elements. There’ll never be any confusion about whether to try a new business strategy or  not – you will just know.

What Will I Learn?

IGNITE Evolved Business Program will help you create a strategic business, starting from the inside out.

The program works through 3 fundamental phases of successful projects and businesses:

Phase 1: Design (Big Picture) – The first 5 modules start with you – who you are and what you stand for, and what you rally want in life. This is fundamental to the success of any business. Most programs skip this step and go straight into strategy, which is a big part of why things often don’t work. When you create and evolved business, you have to start with YOU.

Phase 2: Documentation (Detail) – Modules 6,7,8, and 9 move into the design and documentation of your business. In this phase, you’ll explore the 7 Business Elements in detail and work through each of them. Rom understanding your strengths and unique personality traits you will be able to select and design the strategies that will work for you in each area of your business.

Phase 3: Delivery (Build) – In the final Module 10, you move into action. With a clear plan of what to do when, you will know exactly what your next step is moving forward.

How Will I Learn?

This program is designed as a step-by-step process. Certain things need to happen in a certain order. That’s why content is delivered to you as a “drip-feed.”

Each week over 10 weeks you will receive access to a new Module of content.

This does a number of things:

It gives you clear milestones – You’ll know exactly what how much content to complete each week to stay on track, and maintain momentum.

It reduces overwhelm – when you get to the end of this program and look back, you’ll be amazed at the sheer amount of content you will have covered.

It helps you follow the process – if you’re given every thing at once, you’ll want to skip steps and jump ahead, but this will keep you on track.

You might think you want the whole program all at once so you know where you’re headed. That’s why I’ve included a detailed breakdown of each module on this page.

Please, trust the process. It’s set up this way for a reason, and I promise you’ll get way more out of it when you’re able to pace your self.

How It's Broken Down






+ Brand






+ Product






+ Sales






 + Admin






+ Review

Set your self up for success!

This bonus module is all about preparing you for the program ahead – setting your self up to succeed.

Business Frameworks - Look at some high level concepts and definitions that are covered. Understand why we use frameworks over formulas and the role of the 7 Business Elements. Starting with a high level overview and big picture sets a clear path for the journey ahead.

Personal Concepts - Learn about the way you learn, so that you can gain an understanding of some of the personal challenges and obstacles that may arise over the program. You’ll be introduced to some key themes and an introductory activity to continue over the next few weeks to help uncover the essence of who you really are.

Your Success Plan - Your Success Plan is your Plan for THIS program. It’s about getting really clear on what you want to achieve throughout this program and what you need to do to achieve that. You’ll have a couple of simple activities to help you plan your time over the next 10 weeks.

SHOW - Module 01: IDENTITY +
You are the key to your business success...

One of the biggest mistakes most business programs and in fact many businesses make, is that they start from the outside-in, looking to other people, other things, outside of them selves, in order to find the answer sand the strategies. The thing is, the only person that knows what’s best for you is you. Yu have all the answers you need. They are already within you – you just have to find them. This module starts from the inside-out by getting to know your self a lot better.

What Is identity? - Learn what identity really means in the context of this program, your business and life. Start to take the time to understand who you are, and how you operate as a unique individual so you can start to figure out what actually works for you.

Being Human – Understand the 3 things that make human beings so different to every other animal on the planet. When you understand why we are the way we are and why we do the things we do, you can better start to manage your self, your thoughts and actions and direct them in a way that serves you better.

Identity Formation - Discover the different aspects of your individual identity and how these parts work together to create you. You’ll be introduced to the physical process you go through to retain information that forms your identity. In later modules, you’ll learn how to start to mould and transform the very essence of who you are into who you want and nee to be to have the life and business you desire.

Masculine + Feminine - Learn about the masculine and feminine in terms of the “hard-wired” differences in man and woman, but also as an energy that existing within each of us. When you learn how to identify and balance this within your self, you will see how this affects who you are and how you operate in the world.

Profiling Tools – Part 1, 2 + 3 – In this series of videos, you’ll learn about some of the best profiling tools on the planet. Being able to “measure” and define aspects of your self will help put together a clear picture of who you really are, much of which you will be able to recognise in your self. By the end of this process, you’ll have a short Profiling Summary which is a snapshot reminder of who you really are. This creates a strong foundation for the remainder of the program.

SHOW - Module 02: REALITY +
Find out what’s REALLY going on – in business and in life…

One of the biggest issues with personal development and business programs, is that they focus on where you are going, the vision, the big picture. This is great, but when you’re planning any kind of journey, you first have to understand where you’re starting from, in order to plan the steps ahead.

Module 2 is all about understanding the concept of “reality,” where you are right now, and how this impacts your journey moving forward.

Current Reality - Learn about the 7 areas of Life that exist for every person on the planet, and take a look at the reality of what’s going on for you in each of them. By getting honest with where you are right now, you have a benchmark a starting point, before you figure out where you want to go and how you are going to get there.

Creating Reality - Building on the formation of your identity from Module 01, you’ll learn how you create your own reality through the combination of your thoughts, emotions and actions. You’ll discover the 5 Universal Laws of Manifestation – that exist regardless of your belief or awareness, and affect every thing. By understanding how things work, and becoming aware of what you are creating you are far better equipped to start consciously transforming and moving to where you want to go.

Collective Reality - Learn about how collectively, humans have created the world as we know it and the driving fore behind this. When you understand the “7 Man-Made Systems” and how they govern each of the 7 Areas of Life, you will start to see that things aren’t “just the way they are” and that you have more choice over the reality you choose to create and live in.

Financial Reality (The Money System) - Let’s talk about the one thing most business coaches and programs want to avoid – money. Delve into the first of the “Man-Made Systems” and start to understand what money is, how it is created and how the global money system works. If you’re going to work in business, or live in the world, you need to understand money at a much deeper level which is why you also take a good look at your current financial situation.

Mental Reality (The Education System) - In the second “man-Made System’ we’ll explore the modern Education System and the impact it has had on your thoughts, identity formation and the reality you personally experience today. When you understand the role of traditional education systems, you’ll be more confident in choosing an independent path of education and learning that aligns with who you are.

Vocational Reality (The Business System) – In your first introduction to business, you’ll see how money, education and business work together. You’ll learn the 4 different income streams, and understand why, if you’re going to have a positive impact on the world, your own business is the only way to go. Most importantly, you’ll understand what the current business models are and what has to change (and what you already have) to create conscious, evolved business.

Universal Reality - Learn about the 7 Natural Laws of the Universe, and what drives the reality of every thing. When you understand, observe and start to work with these principles in your life, you can start to make real, lasting change in the reality of your life.

Changing Reality - Become clear on the 4 steps to how reality is built, how to find solutions to individual and global problems. When you see how evolved business is a big part of this process, you’ll start to become clear on where you might be headed.

SHOW - Module 03: VISION +
Find the “WHY” that makes you cry…

Creating any thing new requires a journey from where you are to where you are going. In terms of your business, you are moving from where you are now, to where you want to go. In module 2, you figured out your current reality and where you are right now in terms of finances and general life, so now it’s time to figure out where you want to go.

This module is all about understanding the elements of a successful journey and defining what these are for you, so that once you start taking action, you’ll know you’re headed in the right direction.

The Journey - Learn the 8 key parts that must exist for a journey to succeed. By understanding what a journey is at a high level, you’ll be able to complete all the pieces of the puzzle so that you have a clear direction before you begin. There’s no point starting on a journey when you don’t know where your destination is.

Purpose - Discover the three levels of purpose that exist at a Human, Personal and Nobel Level. Work through a process to help uncover the purpose that already exists within you and the reason why you do what you do.

Vision + Feelings - Some kind of a vision or thing “out there” is often focussed on as something to work, to strive towards. This definitely plays a part, but this process creates your vision from the inside-out. By defining your external vision based on the internal “feelings” you want to feel, and the experiences you want to have, you’ll create a picture far more aligned with what you really want, rather than what you “should” want.

Evolved Goals - Like your vision, revisit the concept of traditional goal setting methods from focussing on something to achieve “out there” to something to experience internally. You’ll learn the philosophies of Evolved Goal Setting” and set your own evolved goals for both your business and your life, giving you a clear direction to move towards.

Mission + Legacy – Learn the roles of mission and legacy and create a Personal Manifesto and a Legacy List that summarises your philosophies and what you stand for in business and in life. This gives you a clear set of principles to build your business. By the end of this module you will have a complete road map and tools for your journey. You’re nearly ready to start moving into the detail.

SHOW - Module 04: ALIGNMENT +
Get buy in from every part of you and start moving forward…

It’s great to know where you are and where you’re going, but before you get moving, you have to make sure every one is on board and headed in the same direction – or it’s going to be a difficult journey!

Alignment is all about figuring out the stuff that is and has been getting in your way, holding you back and keeping you “stuck” or stagnant - and moving it out of the way. It’s about making sure that all the different parts of you are all on the same path and ready to stick to it.

Current Alignment - Learn what alignment means in terms of you and the way your identity is formed. Understand how your thoughts, emotions and actions and different parts of your conscious and sub-conscious mind can sometimes be in conflict, leading you in different directions, and creating immense inner turmoil. When you start to look at where you are sabotaging your self, and become conscious of what’s going on, you can start to see the patterns that aren’t really helping you in different areas of your life.

Re-Alignment - Re-alignment is taking your current identity and the way you think, feel and act, both consciously and sub-consciously, and re-aligning these things to point in a direction that is going to serve you much better, and move you towards where you’re going. Building on work form the first 3 modules, you’ll gain a deeper insight into how your internal workings and who you are are having a constant, direct impact on the reality you are and plan to create.

Transformation – Understand the difference between change and transformation, and why you want permanent lasting transformation. When you see why traditional “change processes” don’t really work, you’ll be ready to embrace the 4 steps to transformation and start to implement these in your own life, so that you can get started on your business journey without any thing in the way, and the tools to handle whatever does.

Transformation Processes – The theory of transformation is great, but learning some real tools that you can start using now are even better. You’ll be introduced to some transformation processes that you can use today and start working though your sub-conscious blocks and obstacles. More importantly, as you continue on your own personal journey, you’ll understand what is required for real transformation to occur, so you can quickly assess any further processes that come your way in the future.

Reflect Review or Reward? Whatever is right for you?

Module 05 is about taking a breath and reviewing and consolidating all the work you’ve done to date. You’ll figure out how to spend this module based on where you are at in your own journey through the program.

Reflect Review Reward – You’ll review the Success Plan you created in the Preparation Module and objectively look at how you’re going. Using some of the tools you’ve learned, you’ll figure out what is going on for you – are you on the right track or is there some self-sabotage going on? Then you can make a decision as to whether you will take some time out to reflect on some of the things that have come up for you, or review some of the content you’ve skipped or didn’t quite understand, or reward your self for being right where you intended to be. Regardless of where you are at this stage, it’s totally fine to move forward.

SHOW - Module 06: MODEL + BRAND +
Create a business that reflects the essence of who you are…

Module 06 is where you move into developing your business. You’re going to follow an inside-out and top-down approach. Starting with all the work you’ve done in Modules 01 to 05, you’ll start with who you are and what you stand for and build a business around that. It’s a very different approach to many business programs that start with a product or a cash flow projection and work form there – this is the key difference in an Evolved Business.

7 Business Elements -Understand what business really is, at its simplest, most fundamental level, and therefore what makes a good or a bad business. Understand the problem with a lot of modern business and the negative impact this is having on society and the planet. Delve deep into the 7 Business Elements and what makes and Evolved business. You’ll see, that when these two things are combined, there is a much better way of doing business that results in a win-win outcome for business owners and employees, customers, society and the planet.

Business Model - Develop a clear model for your business based on your personal vision and what you want your life to be. By knowing exactly what it is you are creating, you’ll be able to make much more strategic decisions about every part of your business. You’ll define your long-term goals and key milestones for the next 1,3 and 5 years.

Business Brand – Learn what makes a brand that people can connect with and remember. You’ll learn what is required for good Brand Design and create a clear Manifesto that captures your business philosophies and what you stand for.

BONUS #02 (ESSENCE Archetype Brand Design) - When you join this program you’ll receive instant access to ESSENCE Archetype Brand Design. You’ll work through a detailed process that uncovers your unique Archetype Mix and design a Business Brand that reflects exactly who you and your business are. Learn More Here>

Create a product your audience will love…and pay for!

Module 07 is about identifying what you have to offer in terms of a product, and who you have to offer it to.

Traditional businesses start with the customer and discovering what they want or need, which is a part of the process, but it’s just as important to work from the inside-out and discover what you have to offer and who might be interested in this. Audience, product and pricing work together – who wants what you have to offer, and what are they prepared to pay.

Audience - Discover the people you actually want to work with and who you can serve best based on the value you have to offer the world. Understand why knowing your audience is way more than just another Customer Avatar process.

Product - Your Product is your offering, so knowing exactly what it is that you have to offer and how you can package it is important. You will go through a process to discover the ideal products, services or goods for you to offer in your business. You’ll select your Signature Product and go through the design phase of product creation – so that you know exactly what it is that you will be offering to your audience.

Pricing - Work through a process to set a price for your product that provides real value for money that people are more than prepared to pay, and that leaves you with a profit. Learn why inflating the price and using sales tactics is Not the way to go and that providing great value at more than a reasonable price is what keeps people coming back, and back, and back…

Get your marketing right, and sales are a no-brainer…

When you have a great product and know who needs it, there’s no tricks or tactics or manipulation required. Marketing and sales are all about connecting your audience to your products and helping them make an informed decision decision to buy…or not.

With an Evolved Business, the product speaks for its self – your marketing and sales facilitate that conversation.

Marketing Marriage - Many marketing strategies are one-sided, a company standing at he side, screaming at the world to “buy my stuff, buy my stuff.” This approach only gets you so far, and exhausts your resources fast. Be introduced to the concept of marketing as an ongoing, two-way conversation in a developing relationship with your audience, rathe than the one who makes the most noise wins.

Marketing Message - Your message is what you have to say. Without a clear message, marketing becomes hit and miss. Throwing things out to the world and seeing what sticks. Work through a process to help you get clear on your message for your overall business, and for each of your individual products. You can come back and refine and re-use this process over and over.

Marketing Medium - There are tonnes of ways to market, and heaps of people teaching strategies and systems, which are great, and work. But unless the strategy aligns with you, your strengths and your unique personality, it’s going to be a struggle. That’s why some people love cold calling and for others, just the thought of it makes them break out in a cold sweat. Based on who you are, you will select the right mediums to market for you and your business.

Marketing Funnel - Your Marketing Funnel is the steps your audience moves through in the process of communicating with you. Regardless of your industry, when or how you do business, or whether you work online or offline, your business will have at least one Marketing Funnel. You’ll understand the basic steps and how this works, and design your first funnel specifically for your Signature Product and your unique style. As your business and product range grows, you can come back and re-use this process over and over.

Marketing Content - Marketing content is much more than advertisements telling people to buy your stuff. Building from the concept of marketing as a conversation and an evolving relationship, you’ll learn the different types of marketing content, which of them apply to your business and your funnel, when and why you need to create them and what they need to be. By this stage you will have a clear marketing strategy.

Sales - Sales is often one of the big things holding people back from business. People have often had bad experiences with sleazy sales, manipulation and tactics, perhaps feeling ripped off or taken for a ride. Unfortunately we often bring these responses with us, and the thought of sales can put a lot of people off business. Learn how to create a strong, honest, authentic and transparent relationship with your audience, so the point of sale becomes a natural step in the process.

BONUS: Business Development – As your business grows, there may be opportunity to expand your business into new markets or create new partnerships. That is what business is about – strategic activities and opportunities to grow. Understand the principles of business development and as potential long-term strategy in your business, if it’s right for you.

Good systems and management that underpin every successful business.

One of the biggest things missed in many business programs is management and administration.

Why? Maybe because it’s not that glamorous or interesting. If you’ve ever worked for or been a customer of an organization with disorganized, haphazard management and administration processes, you’ll know what I mean when I say that no-one notices good, efficient and organized management and administration, because it does what it’s meant to do - but they’ll talk about the bad for weeks or months.

Management + Administration - Like every thing in this program you’ll look at the big picture first, and understand the different behind-the-scenes areas in business, and the systems that you will ned to establish over time. You don’t necessarily have to create this stuff right away, but just knowing that you need to consider which aspects of business apply to your business and that you will need to create systems, policies and procedures around them over time is going to put you ten steps ahead of most other people.

The Product Chain - Understand the role of Research and Development and Production and how they do or may apply to your business now or in the future. Learn the philosophies of Quality control and how to develop an approach to delivering consistent quality to apply across your business, that aligns with who you are and what you stand for. Revisit the areas of Marketing, Sales and Business Development from the perspective of systemizing and streamlining these processes to create consistent results across your business. Finally, develop clear strategies for Distribution and Customer Service + Support.

Human Resources + Team - Your business or project team is going to make you or break you. There’s a lot of sense in the phrase “hire slow, fire fast.” Whether you’re working with employees, consultants or contractors, individuals or global businesses – they are all part of your team, and you need to know the criteria required to select the very best who will align with and support your vision, with the ability to make things happen.

Purchasing + Resources + Information Technology- To grow a business, there’s going to be things and resources that you need. Even if you’re running a 100% online business you will need a lot of different software. If you’re producing physical goods, you’ll have a whole supply chain. Learn exactly what you need to consider when purchasing or obtaining any kind of resource, and then what you need to do to manage it, daily weekly, monthly, annually.

Finance + Accounting + Legal - Let’s talk about the big thing that so many people don’t want to talk about in business, but that at the end of the day, drives its existence. Money. Learn a simple system for forecasting and managing your business cash flow and profit that you can apply straight away.

BONUS: Personal Finances - This may or may not apply to you – it depends where you are in your personal finances. But if you’re going to create a business to eventually replace your personal finances, you need to get these in hand now. That’s what this process is. It’s a bonus, and it’s a little outside the scope of business, but it’s essential.

SHOW - Module 10: ACTION + REVIEW +
Your end results are a reflection of every little action (or non-action) added together.

In this final module you move into the third and final phase of your business - Delivery, or the doing phase. You’ve spent time creating strategies for every aspect of YOUR business. You’ll now consolidate that into one simple Strategic Business Plan, and put your decisions into action. Building a business takes time and work, but with a clear plan, you’ll know that every step is now on the right path for you.

Strategic Business Plan - Based on all the work you’ve done, you’ll compile one single, strategic plan for your business, so that you know where you are headed in the immediate future. With a clear direction you’ll learn how to break this big picture strategy down so that you know exactly what needs to happen when, and your exact next step.

Action + Review System - You will learn a simple system that is applied on an annual, monthly, weekly and daily basis to keep you moving in the RIGHT direction. Implement the Action and Review System (ARS) to develop your own clear plan for the next year, quarter, month, week.

Task + Time Management - Time is the one thing you can never get back, so you want to make sure the tasks and activities you are using your time for are on track. Look at how you use your time now and what you spend it on, and what needs to happen to be more productive in your day. If life is busy now, then you need to find time to work and create your growing business, without sacrificing every thing else in your life.

Rituals, Routine, Habits + Transformation – Learn the importance of rituals and routine and design your own. Building on every thing you’ve learned in earlier modules, you’ll get an insight into what it takes on a daily basis to create permanent, long-lasting transformation. And you’ll get to design your own daily routine.

What Will I Get?

When you join IGNITE Evolved Business Program you will receive the following:

10 online video modules to take you through a proven process of strategic business creation. VALUE - $2497

Over 60 Play Sheets that include activities and exercises to develop and design your evolved business in a way that's going to work for you. VALUE - $1497

Transcripts and audio downloads of all video content in easy to access PDF and mp3 files. VALUE - $197

Checklists, Technical Guides and Links to resources and tools to help you develop your self, your life and your evolved business. VALUE - $147


When you purchase IGNITE Evolved Business Program today, you will also receive the following bonuses:

Bonus 01 – "Evolutionaries" Facebook Group

(Value - $97)

If you’re here, chances are you’re pretty independent, driven, focussed. You know how to get things done.

This program is designed to equip you with every thing you need to create your Evolved Business and get things done.

However, working through this is great, but there’s nothing quite like connecting with other people who are on exactly the same path as you and sharing a lot of the same things – both good and bad.

When you connect with this group you will:

Mix with like-valued and like-minded people who are going through the same process as you.

Ask questions and get quick answers to help resolve any challenges getting in your way.

Get an independent review of every thing you create as you move into the business phase of the process – sometimes there’s things that you just can’t see when you’re working so close to something.

Gain regular access to me – I generally pop in at least once a day.

Bonus 02 - ESSENCE: Archetype Brand Design 

(Value - $626)

The biggest challenge with create a Business Brand is knowing if it’s right.

Along with every thing else in this program, there Is a way to uncover your brand from the inside-out, and

With access to this program you will receive access to:

2 strategically designed psychological quizzes to determine your Archetype Mix.

2 Archetype Reports outlining your key strengths and strategies across all 7 areas of business.

4 online video modules to take you through a proven process of brand development and design.

Play Sheets, Transcripts, and Audio Downloads of video content, and Links to resources and tools to help you develop and design your brand.

See the full program here (a new window will open)

When you add it all up that’s a TOTAL VALUE - $5061

Plus, there’ll be extra surprises and bonuses along the way.

I’ll be honest with you here. I don’t believe in over-inflating prices and then drastically reducing it to make you think you’re getting a ridiculously good deal, when you’re not, but it’s really hard to place a value and a price on a program like this, knowing what it took to create it.

When you consider what it would take for you to do all the reading, research, testing, and mistake-making to create this process, it’s literally years of work - put an hourly rate on that sort of time and investment and the numbers become crazy.

I’ve done the hard yards over the last decade and I’m just tying to make it simpler and faster for you by piecing as much of the puzzle together as possible. Around $1,000 is a really fair, reasonable price that a lot more people will be able to commit to. There are far worse business programs that sell for a lot more – I know, I’ve tried them!

I know the value in this program and I stand by it. Only you can figure out what it’s worth to you in time, money and energy.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’ve done every thing I can to make this the simplest business program around.

I know it works because I've researched these philosophies for years and tested them on many, many large projects.

However, if you’re not entirely convinced, purchase IGNITE Evolved Business Program and try it for 30 days.

If for some reason, any reason, you don’t like it or want it, just send me an email and I’ll give you your full money back. No questions asked. That’s how much I believe in this work.

View Full Refund Policy Here>

3 Problems With Traditional Business Programs

Business Myths...Busted!…


01 - Business is complicated, complex and hard.

Those who understand business often display a smokescreen of complexity. If they’re in business, they may not want you to compete or question their methods. If they’re a mentor or educator, they may want to pitch you an expensive product behind a veil of obscure theory and jargon.

When you drill business down to its simplest form there are 7 Key Business Elements that apply to every business. Once you understand these elements and how they work together, you can apply them to create any business.

02 - There is one way to do business.

There are infinite ways to do business and every part of business. If someone is pitching you the “only” strategy that works, then run. Fast.

03 - There's nothing wrong with the strategy, there's something wrong with YOU!

If a strategy works for one person, it works. If you’ve implemented a business strategy and it did not work, it just means that it did not work for you. There’s nothing wrong with you. You just haven’t found a strategy or framework that aligns with who you are and what you stand for.

Who IS This For?

If you find your self resonating with any of the following, then this program is for you...
  • You want to create a business that authentically represents you and what you stand for - this program starts and ends with you
  • You want to start a new business, but there’s so much information out there, you don’t know where to start – this will make sense of it all
  • You’ve already invested in some business programs and strategies but they just don’t seem to work for you, and you have no idea why – this will help you figure out where these pieces fit in
  • You’ve already created a business, but it’s not evolving as fast as you’d like, and there feels like there’s something missing – this will help you find it
  • You’re sceptical about paid business programs, but know you need more information – there’s no risk, there’s a full money back guarantee
  • You’re willing to get clear on what you really want and do the work on your self and your business that it’s going to take to get there – that’s just who you are

Who ISN'T This For?

This program is NOT for you (and that’s totally OK) if:
  • You want a quick fix, one-size-fits-all business system
  • You are looking for a business that is easy, and done for you – to build any thing truly great, takes commitment and work
  • You are not willing to look at who you are first and build a unique business from that
  • You are not committed to do the work to move through obstacles and challenges to change your business and life

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What People Are Saying

Here's what people are saying about working with Liz...

Liz’s breadth and depth on topics she presents is amazing. She has a knack of taking complex topics and presenting them in a simple, easy to digest format, that you can understand and implement immediately in your own life. Liz’s coaching style is compassionate, direct and always gets to the heart of the matter.

I highly recommend working with Liz, if you want to take your life and your business to the next level, are willing for some ‘tough love’ coaching and you’re prepared to put in the work to make the changes.

Run Sue Run

Liz has a passion for inspiring others to reach their fullest potential, and has a wealth of experience and expertise to back it up.  Never satisfied with the status quo, she is always looking for new ways to add value to her clients; providing both practical and usable tools, combined with exceptional guidance and support.

I have had enormous benefit in my own business as a result of Liz’s influence and coaching.  If you're looking to make your possibilities a reality, I would highly recommend Liz!

~ Kerry Aldridge (The Seventh Level)

Kerry Aldridge
Kerry Aldridge The Seventh Level

Frequently Asked Questions

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SHOW - Can I work one-on-one with you? +

A big part of my philosophy is about educating people with good information and empowering them with the tools they need to do what needs to be done – and be responsible and accountable for them selves.

I have presented this information in a way that I believe gives you every thing you need.

The focus of this work is on YOU. It needs to come from YOU. There is no right or wrong, and I can’t help you get the answers. You need to do the work in this program on your own.

However – if you feel that you do need some help along the way, I do offer a range of individual coaching packages and mastermind workshops, which may be available at times depending on demand. This work is different to the detail contained in this program, but is designed to fully support the process.

SHOW - I don’t have the money to invest right now... +

If you’ve read through this program outline and it’s really resonating with you, but you don’t have enough money right now, then it’s time to really consider how much you want this and how you can get the money to pay for it.

You have two options – full payment, or monthly payments.

It might be time to site down and really look at where your money is going – what are the things you’re spending it on that aren’t giving you what this program might:

  • A $4 coffee every day for a month is $112…more than the monthly payment.
  • A big night out costs you money and time that you could be spending on this.

Chances are that right now you are spending money on things and stuff that is NOT going to help you move forward in changing your life and creating your unique business.

This program will show you the things you don’t know you don’t know.  It will stop you wasting a lot more time and money on courses and information that aren’t right for you – and it’s going to help you utilise all the stuff you have learnt but don’t know how to implement.

Investing in your self is the greatest investment you can make. By investing in your self to learn about money and business, you will then be able to make the changes to move towards financial independence.

And I’m going to show you what it cost me over $150,000, 15 years and a lot of mistakes to work out, for just a fraction of the time and cost.

The money is there if you really want this and choose to really look for it, but only you can make that choice.

SHOW - I'm really busy. I don't know if I have the time... +

This is such a common complaint…I get it. You’re busy. With life, and stuff, and things.

If you don’t have the time for this, chances are you’re spending a lot of your life doing stuff for other people, and fulfilling their needs, otherwise you’d have the time to put your self first.

You can continue as you are filling your days with stuff that makes you too busy to do what you really want to do.

You can go another 2, 5, 10 years being busy doing what you’re doing and remain in the same place.

OR,  you can make a commitment to put your self and your life first NOW. You can make a commitment to find a little bit of time and do just one thing every single day to move you forward, so that when you look back in 10 years time, you know that it was worth the work to create our own business.

You can take the time now to focus on what’s really important to you, so that you have the time to enjoy it for the remainder of your life.

And you can follow this up and repeat this content – at your own pace, ongoing. This is going to take as long as it’s going to take, but you have to actually get started sometime.

SHOW - Why is this program so cheap? +

Other programs like this sell for thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.

This program is starting at this price-range because I want to share this information with as many people as possible. I believe that consciousness and creating Evolved Businesses are a big key to changing the state of the world for the better.

This is my way of helping that process, as well as paying my own bills and keeping a roof over my head!

Selling this program at this price is what works for me and my business right now, although there’s no guarantee how long the price will stay as it is.

SHOW - How does an online program work? +

An online program allows you to study and work in the privacy and comfort of your own home – at a time that suits you!

When you join the IGNITE Evolved Business Program you’ll receive an email with your membership details and access to the content for the entire program. Each week for 10 weeks, you’ll receive an email linking to the new content on the site. Once the 10 weeks are finished, you’ll have ongoing access to the content, so that you can review it at your leisure.

Once you’ve finished the program, you’ll have ongoing access to the content for the life of the program, so that you can review it at your leisure.

SHOW - I'm a professional. I'm educated. Shouldn't I know this? +

When you’re smart, it can be really frustrating to feel like there’s something missing – like there’s so much stuff you don’t know.

Unfortunately, traditional education is focussed on teaching you the things – the skills and information – that are going to make you a good worker and help you get a good job.

It doesn’t focus on the softer, life skills that provide you an understanding of who you are. And it sure doesn’t teach you how to be an independent business owner that has total control over their destiny!

You haven’t done any thing wrong. You’re still super smart. You just need the pieces of the puzzle to pull all your education together – and they’re not that far away.

SHOW - I need to check with my husband/ partner/ best friend/ psychic… +

I totally respect an agreement between partners, when it comes to financial commitments.

If this is something you really feel you need to do, but you need to check with your partner on the grounds of finances, I understand.

But please consider committing today – on the grounds that YOU know what’s right for you and that person will love and support you in every thing that is going to help you grow.

It’s your call.

But if you feel you need to check with any one else in your life, then please take some time to sit back and really consider what feels right for YOU, regardless of what any one else thinks.

SHOW - I still need to know more Liz... +

If you’ve made it this far, then you’ve just read through a lot of information going in depth into how you can create an evolved, aligned brand for your business – whether it already exists or whether it is yet to be born.

Either way, this framework can work for you.

If you feel you need to know more information, then chances are there’s something else holding you back, because I’ve given you all the information about this program as openly, honestly and transparently that I can, and I’m not sure what else to tell you.

Every thing you need to know to get started and make a decision is on this page – it’s the standard of quality and communication you will receive from me all the way along.

In order to move forward and transform, you often have to remove your certainty and security and take a step into the unknown.

This program is just the first step in an ongoing journey. And with a full, 30 day money-back-guarantee, what do you really have to lose?

Give it a go, try it.

However, if you really do have further further questions, you can email me at info@lizwatt.com.

I am more than happy to answer any thing you need.

But please be clear on what it is exactly that you need to know.

Because, if you’re still here, what ARE you waiting for?  Only you can figure that out.

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